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Phone: +90(242) 874 2146
Fax: +90(242) 874 2261
Mobile / Whatsapp:+90 (535) 592 1236

You can go to Üçagiz, than you can arrive Kalekoy in ten minutes by our free boats.

Like Dalaman Airport you can go to Ucagiz by taxi, after that you can go to Kalekoy, Mehtap Pension by our free boats from Ucagiz.

If you want to go Kalekoy by seaway from Kas there you can find boats moving on at 9.30-10.00 a.m. The trip will take maybe 3 hours, maybe it’s a long time but it will be very enjoyable for you. Because bottom of the boat is made of glass for letting you to see the beautiful undersea view along Batiksehir (Sunkencity). Also you can go to Üçagiz by taxi from Kas (Kas - Ucagiz : 31km). Then by rental boats you can arrive quickly

Demre is the beginning of the shortest way for arriving to Kalekoy. You can also rent a axi or a boat to Kalekoy. The advantage of the rental boat is that you can tour with the captain inside all day long. (Demre-Ücagiz=12km)

By calling Mehtap Pension from Ucagiz, you can have a free boat service to arrive Mehtap Pension. You can call us from where you are in order to assist you a taxi. We also help on joining to a boat tour while staying in Mehtap Pension.

Do not hesitate to ask for any questions, comments or suggestions.