Mehtap Pension is an all year long open pension which serves her customers coming from everywhere not just in summer but also in winter.

There are 10 rooms in Mehtap Pension. There are two beds in every room; one is for one person and the other one is for two. All rooms have toilet, bathroom, air condition. You can also sit at the sofas at terrace in order to watch the beauty of Kekova. All resting services at Mehtap Pension also include breakfasts.

Camping area
Mehtap Pension which is published in a large area also offers a camping service to the customers. There are water, electiricity, shower and WC in the camping area. Camping customers may also have other services of Mehtap Pension.

You can eat very fresh and tasty food with the pleasure of watching the beautiful panaromic view of Kekova with the songs of cicadas and the smells of thyme and garden sage at the open air restaurant of Mehtap Pension. The sea foods presented in Mehtap Pension are provided by Mehtap Pension family daily from nature. Because of this they are always fresh and delicious. You will taste and feel the difference of Mehtap Pension meals which are cooked in stone based oven then other restaurants.

The sea foods that you can taste at the restaurant;
Damselfish White grouper Coral Red mullet Black grouper Gray grouper Gray mullet Sea bass Lobster Octopus

Historical Trips and Daily Sea Tours
In order to sail to the natural beauty and historical places, there are boats for customers at the pension. So you can discover the natural and historical beauties with the tours which are guided by the Mehtap Pension Family. You can also sail with a canoe to the close bays in a cooler way for touring.